CNC Micromachining

Diamond turned optics on state of the art micro lathes

Micromachined parts, holding tight micron-level tolerances with our diamond tooled optical lathes

We have over 30 years of experience using and growing with micro lathing technology. Our state of the art lathes with sub nanometer resolutions are specifically built for diamond turned optics.

We are capable of cutting standard, toric, and non-standard or “freeform” optical surfaces with a high level of precision and superb surface quality. Or oscillating diamond tool technology allows for nearly limitless designs. Our customers are continually pushing the

Our CNC lathes can be used for more than optics

If micron level precision is what you need on a non-optical design, we’ve got you covered. We frequently use our diamond turning expertise on molds, and other non-optical devices. For unparalleled micro lathing, contact us detailing some of your specific needs.

Micro milling specialists

We are skilled in three axis small-part CNC micro milling. As products requiring milled components continue to become smaller, our services have become more and more necessary.

In recent years, one exciting industry our micromachining experience has found a place is machined microfluidics.

If you have a project that requires tiny milled parts, we may be able to help. Contact us today to start a conversation about what you might need, and where we can help.