Small Plastics & IOL Polishing

Tumble Polishing Intraocular Lenses

When it comes to polishing IOL’s, there’s a fine line between too little and too much. Pair that with complex geometry and you’ve quickly got a serious engineering problem to solve.

Here at OTI, we have years of experience with all types of lenses. We’ve worked on some of the most innovated products, and there is very little we have not seen during this time. We’ve developed procedures to accommodate the specific challenges that come into play when tumble polishing precision lenses.

We offer our tumble polishing services in order for you to save time, and headache on this important step for many designs.

Informed IOL tumble polishing

Let our systems save you time and money.

Hydrophilic IOL Polishing

Hydrophilic materials can be challenging when it comes to tumble polishing, but with our systems it is not an issue. Over the years we’ve worked with many types of hydrophilic materials, including custom polymers with unique properties.

Hydrophobic IOL Polishing

Hydrophobic materials again have their own unique challenges, but we’ve developed proprietary methods which offer high yields on flexible and sometimes sticky hydrophobic materials.

Intraocular Mold Polishing

Many of our customers have moved to molding their parts. Molds can add a level of complexity when it comes to polishing. Unique locking mechanisms, and other features that only molds contain can be difficult to work with. We have developed some techniques to work around these challenges, and if those techniques don’t work, we can help guide the design of your mold to best accommodate a polishing procedure while maintaining critical dimensions for your end product.

Not all lenses require polishing

When crystal clear lenses are necessary, polished lenses still have a place in the world of ophthalmics. But in recent years polish free surfaces have grown in popularity as cutting technology continues to improve. If you are looking for polish free IOL options, we can help.