Research & Development

While our main focus has always been ophthalmics, we can provide research and development services for many different industries that require precision micro lathing and micromachining services. From consumer electronics to implantable medical technology, let our expertise accelerate your project.

We provide R&D services for micro devices

Let’s start a conversation about your specific research and development needs today.

We have a long history in working with ophthalmic device startups

With a passion for helping the world see, and recognizing the immense need for precision micromachining and engineering in the IOL, contact lens and ophthalmic industries, we decided to open our doors to startups seeking help on their unique projects. Our knowledge, combined with millions of dollars worth of precision equipment, put us in a unique position to help our customers streamline and fast track their various R&D projects.

Over the last thirty years, we’ve done R&D for countless medical device startups working on novel ophthalmic products. Many of which have brought their products to market, while others have been acquired by larger corporations. It’s this track record that has created many returning customers, coming straight to us with new ideas, and new engineering challenges to solve. OTI has always thrived due to the lasting relationships we’ve created with our customers.

We’ve spent millions on our equipment (so that you don’t have to).

One of the largest bars to entry when it comes to medical device startups is acquiring machines, metrology equipment, and the skilled personnel who can run them. We are able to provide all of these things, effectively saving you time and money at the ever important research and development stages of your product.

We’ve worked closely on some of the most innovative products on the market

From premium IOL’s to complicated multifocal lenses, and tiny medical devices, we’ve helped solve some very unique engineering challenges over the years, and are prepared to work with your unique challenges, too.

One of the most satisfying things for us at Ocular Technology is solving a tough problem. We work side by side with your engineers to help build something that satisfies your needs while keeping future manufacturability in sight.

We work confidentially under non disclosure agreement whenever necessary

We do not disclose who we work with or what exactly we work on. Many of our customers require some form of NDA, making secrecy and security one of our top priorities.

So we’ve helped you prove your product, now what?

Even before you’ve moved past the development and compliance stages, you have already been pondering what production and manufacturing might look like and the hurdles involved there. Thankfully we’ve been thinking about the same thing. We make it easy to move into the manufacturing phase because manufacturing is always in our sights as we work on each R&D project.

We offer manufacturing contracts to our customers who move past the R&D phase. If future manufacturing with us is something you may desire, be sure to mention it when you contact us.